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What is Creative Directions Moves?

We ask dance artist Alice Henry to tell us more about this free weekly group

An adult with a long brown French plait is seated on a chair opposite another adult with shaved grey hair and glasses. They are reaching towards each other with opposite arms and touching the tip of their index fingers together. They are taking part in a Creative Directions Moves creative movement session run by darts at The Point in Doncaster.

Creative Directions Moves is a free weekly opportunity for adults in Doncaster to experience the benefits of moving their bodies in a safe, welcoming space. Sessions are suitable for all abilities and mobilities but are particularly aimed at those who want to gentlincrease their activity levels, feel fitter and boost their wellbeing. Anyone over 18 is welcome at any session. 

Alice’s Journey in Developing Creative Directions Moves

We sat down with dance artist Alice Henry to find out what Creative Directions Moves is all about and her role in delivering the sessions.

What is the difference you hope attending Creative Directions Moves will make to participants?
I hope that participants feel a part of a welcoming community, find joy in movement, feel inspired to get creative and leave looking forward to the next session!

For those who’ve never been to something like Creative Directions Moves before, can you describe what a session is like?
Sessions are led in a way that it is accessible to all; encouraging participants to listen to their own bodies and find joy in the movement. The group is open to all abilities and is a great stepping-stone for those who may have wanted to experience movement/dance but have lacked confidence, or felt they were too inexperienced. The sessions are often based around fun themes, playful movement games/activities, interesting creative conversational topics, elements of relaxation, and always include great music!

In what ways do you tailor sessions to suit adults who may be inactive or have varying levels of mobility?
Sessions can be experienced either seated, stood or both, and the movement offered can be adapted and amended by participants to suit their own bodies. There is always something to gain from coming to Creative Directions Moves, whether that’s physically, socially and/or creatively!

Four adults are taking part in a Creative Directions Moves session run by darts in Doncaster. Three adults are standing and one is seated in a wheelchair. One of the standing adults is holding their arms out in front of them, about to catch and inflatable beach ball.

How do you create a sense of community and inclusivity within the group?
Opportunities to connect socially are woven into the session, and there is also a break when participants can chat over free teas and coffees. The session is built upon the foundation of it being a welcoming space for everyone.

The group has been running for a few months now – how have participants responded?
We have so much fun within the sessions, and there has been many conversations where we have reflected on something joyfully memorable and fun that has happened in session. Participants have smiled, laughed, and connected socially, all whilst being creative and enjoying taking part in fun physical activity.

It has been amazing to see participants who at first were a little apprehensive about the sessions, now enjoy attending the sessions regularly.

If you could say anything to someone who is thinking about attending Creative Directions Moves, what would you like to say?

Come and experience it! If you’re looking for an opportunity to increase your movement activity, connect with others, get creative, and feel a part of a warm and welcoming community, with no expectations or experience necessary, then come along!

To find out how to get involved with Creative Directions Moves, find out more here, or email Amy on

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