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dance for health

social dance sessions make people move more, meet people & feel better

A lady dances freely on the beach as part of a film made by darts in Doncaster

darts has been delivering dance for health for over twenty years. Dance is proven to improve health and wellbeing. Being physically active through dance can reduce the risk of over 20 different diseases as well as helping to maintain a healthy weight, while also reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Dance is especially beneficial to older people. Regular dance activity can help maintain cognitive function, reduce cardiovascular risk and reduce the risk of falls. Regular dance sessions provide a chance to be active, have fun and engage socially with others; critical to maintaining good mental health.

Dance On

darts delivers Dance On, an initiative that is delivering social dance sessions across Doncaster, Leeds and Bradford. Funded by Sport England, we have been working alongside Yorkshire Dance and One Dance UK to establish new dance groups for inactive residents aged 50+.

The focus of these sessions is to have fun and socialise. No prior dance experience is needed and people don’t have to remember complicated routines. No-one gets put on the spot, and all movement abilities are welcome – including those who remain seated.

I’m 89. I never thought I’d do this – I’ve loved it.
I feel much more loose now. I was really stiff and painful at the start.

The approach is very much about making and nurturing strong community relationships, finding spaces in the heart of neighbourhoods where people feel safe and welcome and then getting our community advocates to spread the word about what’s on offer.

We have a team of excellent dance practitioners who excel in delivering a range of dance styles from contemporary to salsa and make them accessible for all.

I wake up and feel so happy when it’s a Dance On day! I never thought I’d be dancing like this at my age and enjoying it so much.
I feel I can walk upstairs easier since coming here. I don’t stop halfway!

dance on

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