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Meet the Artist: Alex Mettam

Find out more about the artists delivering your darts activities

Woman in a bright orange t-shirt dances in front of a colourful mural

Alex delivers on our Dance On programme and has danced with participants aged 50+ in a variety of different locations across Doncaster. We interviewed Alex to find out more about her passion for dance and what inspires her to create the content she delivers in session.

What made you become a dancer?

I began my journey in dance when I was 14 and have been dancing for the past 12 years. I was inspired to become a dancer purely because of the way it made me feel. I went from shy and under confident to a more empowered and passionate individual. I learnt so many transferable skills back then and I still continue to benefit 12 years on.

Can you tell us a but more about your practice?

I create, deliver and perform dance right in the heart of communities across South and West Yorkshire. You can catch me teaching and choreographing varying dance styles such as Street, Ballet and Contemporary to a wide range of ages and abilities. Here at Darts I deliver on the Dance On programme and also choreograph for the mass primary school choir event Sing Out!

What do you like best about working with darts?

darts is such a kind and caring charity to work for. They really care about the community and their artists. So much time and consideration goes into each project here and I am very grateful to be a part of such an involved and thoughtful organisation.

If you could work on anything, what would your dream project or workshop be?  I would love to work on Puppetry and Shadow Play. I’d like to explore these through dance and storytelling to create an immersive rural touring performance.

Dance On dancer Alex Mettam, photograped as part of our Meet the Artist series for darts in Doncaster

What do you love the most about working with communities in Doncaster?

My passion is to enrich and empower lives through dance and the joy of moving and I get to fulfil that passion here at darts. Hearing your stories and seeing your lovely smiley faces each week fills me with joy.


Any advice for someone wanting to get more creative? 

Go and try workshops and classes from different artforms. I always feel at my most creative when I have ventured out and tried something new. I would also suggest carving out some uninterrupted creative time each week where you can free paint, write, dance and more. That always gets my creative neurons firing.

 Woman in a bright orange t-shirt dances in front of a colourful mural

Alex was photographed by James Mulkeen as part of our ‘Meet the Artist’ series. Find out more about the artists creating your darts activities here.

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