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meet the artist: alex mettam

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Woman in a bright orange t-shirt dances in front of a colourful mural

Alex delivers on our Dance On programme and has danced with participants aged 50+ in a variety of different locations across Doncaster, as well as on Zoom! We interviewed Alex to find out more about her passion for dance and what inspires her to create the content she delivers in session.

How long have you been dancing for and what inspired you to become a dancer?

I began my journey in dance when I was 14 and have been dancing for the past 12 years. I was inspired to become a dancer purely because of the way it made me feel. I went from shy and under confident to a more empowered and passionate individual. I learnt so many transferable skills back then and I still continue to benefit 12 years on.

What do you love most about dancing with people?

Nothing beats the feeling of the energy that dancing together creates! It lifts everyone up and can leave you on all day high. It brings me so much joy that I can turn someone’s day around just by sharing my passion.

How has the pandemic impacted your work? What have the challenges been and how have you adapted your practice?

Transferring my whole working life online was initially a challenge but honestly, I have learnt more about myself and my art this past year than ever. I feel I am creating more raw and personal work that is coming directly from me and is not a product of a box I am trying to tick. Consequently, I feel more vulnerable but equally I am stronger and more resilient. I also have gained lots of new tech skills and I am more confident at using social media platforms, which was a weakness of mine before. The pandemic has been devastating for all of us and yes it has forced me to think differently, but beautiful things happen when we all come together and I’ll be forever grateful for being reminded of that.

Dance On dancer Alex Mettam, photograped as part of our Meet the Artist series for darts in Doncaster

What’s your favourite kind of music to dance to?

I love all types of music! It purely depends on what mood I am in as to what I’ll dance to. However, I love making routines to Disco, RnB and anything 90’s.

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?

Music is my main inspiration for creating dance, but in the latter years,  YouTube and music videos get my brain cells firing. When I feel bogged down and have no ideas I’ll go and learn choreographies off of old music videos to get my buzz back.

 Woman in a bright orange t-shirt dances in front of a colourful mural

Alex was photographed by James Mulkeen as part of our ‘Meet the Artist’ series. Find out more about the artists creating your darts activities here.

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