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meet the artist: alice henry

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A person in a pink shirt and dark brown hair in a long French plait smiles at the camera

Alice Harper is a dancer who delivers on our Dance On programme. Alice delivers dance sessions for participants aged 50+ in settings across Doncaster and at The Point. We interviewed Alice to find out more about her own progression as a dancer and what she enjoys most about teaching people to dance.

How long have you been dancing and what inspired you to become a dancer?

I have been dancing since the age of about 6/7 years old so have been dancing for 21 years. A couple of my friends at school went to a local dance school so me and my cousin, who was also in my class at school, wanted to join.

What do you love most about dancing with people?

I love the euphoric energy you can feel dancing with people. I love the sense of community and connection it creates. There is something so special and unifying about enjoying the music and movement with another individual or within a large group/team.

Dance On dancer Alice Henry dances with arms outstretched and face looking upwards

How has the pandemic impacted your work? What have the challenges been and how have you adapted your practice to returning to in-person sessions?

Prior to the pandemic I was living, working and dancing in Newcastle. The pandemic led to me moving back home to Doncaster. Meeting Charlie, who leads the Dance On Programme, was amazing! Charlie took me under her wing, showed me the ropes and introduced me to the amazing programme Dance On! Building a community dance practice within the constraints of the pandemic encouraged me to witness so much creativity in how to adapt. Upon reflection, this challenge has greatly benefitted my artistry and practice.

What’s your favourite kind of music to dance to?

I have a really eclectic taste in music so love dancing to lots of different pieces of music, but I must say I absolutely love disco music!

Dance On dance artist Alice Henry dances in front of a grey rock formation. One arm is stretching upwards and the other arm is stretching out to the side

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?

Within my own choreographic practice I love drawing from words, poetry, feelings and emotions.

Alice was photographed by James Mulkeen for darts. Find out more about the artists creating your darts activities here.

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