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Meet the Artist: Alice Needham

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Alice is a classically trained professional singer, but loves to listen to, and sing to, many different types of music: Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, EDM, Drum ‘n’ Bass, House, Musical Theatre, all sorts!

Alice has been running projects for darts for over 6 years. She started with a project called ‘Singing in the Galleries’ and then went on to lead ‘Swag Choir’ and our training group ‘Swaglets’ (part of Doncaster Music Education Hub).

Having sung in or directed choirs for a long time, Alice uses her vast experience and knowledge to create bespoke arrangements for Swag and Swaglets – usually using music that hasn’t been thought of for a choir before!

She says:

I think my all-time favourite memory of working with darts is when Swag Choir were invited to perform at the Beethoven festival at Cast! Being a predominantly R&B and Hip Hop group, the organiser had said not to worry if we couldn't perform any Beethoven, but we did! We performed an amazing mash up of some of Beethoven's most famous works such as his 5th symphony and the 'Moonlight Sonata' with old school R&B tunes like Blu Cantrell's 'Breathe' and Eve's 'Let Me Blow Your Mind'. It sounds bananas but it was ace! I was so proud of the group that day!

Alice has been finding new ways to connect and make music with the members of Swag and Swaglets. There have been some challenges, such as learning how to deliver a vocal session online with a delay! She has created arrangements of new music though, and Alice has been putting together brand new arrangements for Swag and Swaglets. The groups have already created a collaborative music video made from individual recordings at home and are currently working on some Lewis Capaldi, Jorja Smith, Spice Girls and some songs from ‘Six The Musical’! They do love a bit of variety!

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