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Meet the Artist: Anna Bean

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Anna Bean creates her artwork using photography, photomontage and digital animation techniques. She also works in collaboration with performers to make immersive theatrical experiences, allowing the audience to become part of these imaginary spaces.  Anna enjoys creating colourful worlds inhabited by surreal anthropomorphic characters.  Within her work she is interested in exploring the possibilities of the transformation of the everyday.

Anna has been delivering work with darts since 2018 when she led the Young Curators Group which was formed to create events and artwork in response to the Artist Rooms Bill Viola Exhibition. She says:

Recently I really enjoyed working with the Creative Directions group in conjunction with DJ Rob Pearson where they created CD cover designs for the music they produced. They are a such fun and friendly group and they produced some wonderful artwork. Every session was a joyful experience!

In 2020, Anna was awarded a Creative Micro Commission from Absolutely Cultured in Hull.  For this, she created an animated film ‘Welcome to the House of Fun’ capturing the normal becoming abnormal, an anxiety nightmare of isolation, during a lockdown. She utilised the visual metaphor of a haunted house, the inhabitants held captive by the dark entity of COVID-19 hovering outside the apparent safe confinement of the home: 

This was a family collaboration as my son created original music for the discordant soundtrack and my partner featured as a politician and a dancing Leopard

Anna also launched a new initiative during lockdown – a weekly online Art Club on where she invited people to make artwork based around a theme. Some of the artwork is featured within the virtual room settings of her commissioned animation: “This was a really inspiring activity to encourage others to use the creative process as a way of coping with the recent lockdown situation.

For darts at Home, Anna created some colourful online activities – ‘Animal Magic’ and ‘Funky Fruit and Veg’. You can see more of Anna’s work on her website here.

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