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Meet the Artist: Rob Pearson

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Rob’s artforms are DJing and Music Production. He loves using Music Tech, DJ gear and lots of different gadgets and gizmos to break down the barriers to making music with different ages and abilities. He really enjoys helping participants to explore sounds, melodies and beats and to create their own musical pieces and soundscapes, especially if they think they wont be able to make music or play in time.

Rob uses DJ and recording sessions as a fun process with the decks or with his mobile pop up recording studio. Seeing and guiding people to sing, play percussion or make sounds in any way that they can. He says:

I think it's brilliant for individuals and groups to be able to participate and work together with an emphasis on wellbeing, feeling good and having fun, without any right or wrong.

Rob has been delivering projects with darts for over 6 years now and has worked on lots of projects, including All Aboard, We Speak Music and Creative Directions. These have taken place at The Point, out in the local community and Doncaster Schools as well as other areas like Rotherham and Sheffield too. His favourite memory to date is:

I really enjoyed running a project for darts, called the Donny Together Music Day where lots of young people had a chance to jam together, DJ and produce sounds and melodies and beats in a massive group. We all worked together well and at the end of the day we performed together in a group with other artists and put on a performance for parents and guardians.

I've never led so many young performers all working together with me at once. it was fabulous, ground breaking, inspiring and nervewracking all at the same time, I loved every minute of it!

When Rob isn’t delivering workshops at The Point and across Doncaster, he’s busy producing lots of music and work in his studio and presenting some regular DJ broadcasts from home, as well as trying lots of new equipment.

Rob says:

When I work remotely I have to adapt to becoming a bit of a TV presenter to record and create video clips and other digital content. It's not the same without seeing everyone, but I want to create some fun challenges that you'll all enjoy.

I've been working online lots and learning new things about Zoom, Team Viewer and Facetime and getting to grips with more ways to communicate and share files and content with other people virtually.

For darts at Home, Rob worked on a new project called ‘Sound Seekers‘. He set lots of different challenges relating to sounds that happen around you. These sounds and noises could be naturally occurring ones that happen around your home, in your garden or in and around the classroom if you are already back in school.


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