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darts Sustainability Policy

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A young child sits in a pile of red and yellow streamers, smiling, whilst their adult sits behind them at a Tuneful Chatter session

As Doncaster’s creative health charity, creating art with people in Doncaster to improve life, learning and health, we are committed to creating a healthier, safer, and more sustainable future for our communities.  

We acknowledge the connection between the climate crisis and the impact on life, learning and health both globally and closer to home – including food shortages, long-term health conditions and housing difficulties. That is why we are making it a priority to become a more climate-positive charity and putting environmental action at the forefront of our strategy.  

We have identified three key areas for environmental action within our work as a charity:  

  • Arts Delivery and Best Practice 
  • Travel  
  • Building Operations at our charity’s home, The Point. 

Here are darts’ aims and actions to reduce our carbon footprint and uphold our commitment to the communities we work with: 

Our Aims:  

  • To decarbonise The Point by 2030 so that our building emissions reach net zero. 
  • Lead by example, modelling environmentally positive activity and facilitating inclusive and accessible conversations about the environment to empower participants to adopt sustainable initiatives where they can.
  • Minimise the carbon footprint, material usage and waste across our operations. 

Our Current Actions: 

  • We have a dedicated Task & Finish group, which meets on a regular basis and is committed to enacting our environmental commitments across our charity. 
  • We operate on a hybrid working style which reduces the carbon footprint of staff travel. 
  • We capture data on staff and participant travel to understand and demonstrate the impact of travel on our environment. 
  • We programme sessions that are accessible via public transport and active travel methods. 
  • We track waste collection weekly and, where appropriate, we bring recycling bins into sessions and include climate awareness in session programming. 
  • Monitoring the carbon emissions and efficiency of our Grade II listed arts centre, The Point, to understand environmental impact and areas for increased efficiency. 
  • We have carried out an Environmental Audit with Leeds Environmental Design Agency (LEDA) and report annually to Julie’s Bicycle to understand and track our total carbon footprint as an organisation. 

Our Future Actions: 

  • Switching to goods and service suppliers and waste contractors whose values and commitment to the environment align with our own as an organisation. 
  • Continue to develop our resource bank and clear internal guidance on sustainability and best practice, helping artists and programme managers build environment into programming of sessions as a priority. 
  • Retrofitting The Point to increase energy efficiency (i.e. replacing traditional windows with double-glazing). 
  • We acknowledge the importance of ethical investments within our corporate partners’ and grant-making organisations’ investment policies and financial models. We strive to build a due diligence procedure that ensures that darts’ funding will come from ethical investments and minimise conflict with our charitable purposes.  

We will review and update this policy every twelve months to ensure that we are adapting and responding to our actions and the environment. 

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