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Developing our drama-based approach in Doncaster classrooms

Our Creative Classrooms approach supports children's emotional wellbeing

A woman and two girls at a darts drama workshop. One of the girls is laughing.

Creative Classrooms is our drama-based approach that draws on 30 years’ experience of delivering creative activity in partnership with schools.

Thanks to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we’re expanding Creative Classrooms to 36 classes in primary schools across Doncaster. Over 900 children will take part in the programme over 3 years.

Our drama practitioners will deliver a whole-school approach in Woodfield Primary School, Richmond Hill Primary Academy and West Road Primary Academy. Children and teachers will use stories, drama techniques and a relatable cast of characters to explore behaviours, overcome obstacles and develop alternative endings.

Creative Classrooms will help children to deep dive into their personal learning journey; improving their emotional literacy in order to improve wellbeing and progress positively long term.

Our artists will co-design the sessions with teachers and teaching assistants to ensure a whole school impact of the approach.  We will embed creative approaches that help children to succeed by ‘rehearsing’ real life situations, testing a range of responses through a holistic focus to improve wellbeing.

Helen Jones, our Assistant Director who manages our Children and Young People programme, said: “We’re really grateful to have been granted funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to support this important work around children’s mental health and wellbeing at this critical time.

“Following a long period of home schooling, lockdown and uncertainty, supporting pupils and teachers with all the challenges they are currently facing is crucial. Creative Classrooms enables us to do this by expanding our work in Doncaster primary schools and bringing new partnerships together to support education locally.”

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