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Drama Artist Lauren on Teaching In Role

My name is Lauren and I am a lead artist for darts on their Teacher in Role (TiR) programme. I have been working as a drama facilitator for over 15 years and in the last 5 years I have specialised in using drama as a method to engage children in literacy.

Drama is a fantastic tool that allows its participants to experience and embody events and ideas. It therefore lends itself perfectly, in a classroom context, as a fun playful way to engage and enhance learning outcomes. Drama not only builds confidence and imagination but drama techniques such as Teacher in Role provide role playing moments for both the teachers and the class alike encouraging learning through play.

The darts Teaching In Role project was specifically designed to introduce teachers and their classes to a variety of drama-based techniques that would build confidence, engage students and provide an exciting imaginative approach for the children to develop their knowledge and enrich their education.

As part of the project I became the artist in residence in four of the eight schools enrolled in the programme and worked alongside two teachers within each school over the course of a year. Each school identified areas where they wanted to see improvements with the help of Teaching In Role drama techniques. These improvements ranged from increasing engagement within lessons to developing confidence when speaking in front of peers.

The lead teachers and I worked closely to plan each session in line with the text, topic and curriculum. By the end of the year we identified that each class had reached a number of positive outcomes including increased engagement and attainment in in writing and a greater confidence in self and sharing ideas. Each teacher was also confident in using Teaching In Role within their practice and became the ambassador for Teaching In Role within their schools.

We are now able to offer a variety of workshops that can be tailored to suit your classes individual needs as well as teacher training in school and there are a number of ways in which you can get involved.

Visit darts’ schools resources page to download a free sample of drama warm up games along with resource packs about Teaching In Role – these will be released in stages so keep checking back.

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