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family activities for children and young people with disabilities

Professional artists facilitate family workshops designed specifically to suit the needs of children and young people with disabilities and their families

grandmother and grandson in a wheelchair having fun at a music workshop at The Point in Doncaster

We are committed to breaking down barriers and creating space for disabled children to enjoy their time as young people in the same way as their non-disabled contemporaries. Our programme of opportunity for children and young people with disabilities is called All Aboard and we deliver creative activity across the borough as well as family-friendly activity at The Point in central Doncaster.

We work closely with Doncaster families to ensure that we are genuinely meeting their needs and responding to the barriers faced – whether that’s the disability itself, levels of communication, others’ perceptions or low confidence. Parents have described their daily struggle to feel connected to their community and say they have to fight constantly for their children.

By developing our relationship with families we can increase the connection between them and our building, The Point. The Point is fully accessible and is the only nationally-recognised Makaton Friendly venue in Doncaster. We are one of six Doncaster venues with a Changing Place. Once families feel safe and welcome at The Point, they will use it more out of school and at weekends – enhancing the relationship of children to their family, community, nature, culture and society. Because The Point is a public building, children will be gently challenged by meeting new people and exploring new situations.

Professional artists design family friendly sessions that are suitable for children and young people with disabilities. All sessions respond to individual needs, interests and input. We respect and celebrate each child’s unique capacity and potential, recognising that a significant change in one child can be entirely different to a significant change in another.

At the heart of our approach is the importance of play and creativity. By applying a new and immersive approach to a workshop or visit to The Point, we are opening up new horizons for young people, creating new spaces for them to succeed and build essential life skills. Weaving Makaton into the experience increases confidence through increased ability to communicate. This will have a sustained impact on wider development and learning.

Our artists are experienced facilitators as well as being experts in their own art form. Each has years of experience of working in a range of settings with children and young people with all levels of ability including those with severe and profound disabilities.

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