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family arts workshops

Professional artists facilitate a range of workshops for families to enjoy

family dance workshop in the Microbes exhibition at The Point in Doncaster

Creative activities provide an amazing opportunity for families to learn new skills and have fun together. Our professional artists are highly skilled – both in their own art form and in the way that they engage with families to draw out people’s hidden talents and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience.

We have developed a rich programme of family activity at our home, The Point, in central Doncaster.  We work hard to make sure our activities are inclusive and accessible, and that our building is a friendly space for all. We won Best Family Welcome at the national Fantastic For Families Awards in February 2019 for our work which we are very proud of.

Families can get involved in a real range of artforms, from more traditional experiences such as painting, felting or drumming to more unusual – such as creating squashy monsters that use conductive wires to play sounds recorded by the participants. We aim to provide opportunities that families won’t get elsewhere and use high quality materials and tools.

families enjoying a creative workshop in the gallery at The Point in Doncaster

We know that the opportunity for families to engage in creative activities together can have significant impacts. Parents and carers can have negative memories of being at school and being told ‘you can’t draw’ or ‘you can’t sing’. We passionately believe that everyone can draw, sing and be creative, and our artists find ways to engage people positively in the process, encouraging participants to produce artwork that they are proud of. Learning together puts family members on an equal footing and, by exploring new techniques and making something new to take home, families are creating positive memories together.

Taking part in something practical, focused and immersive (and not screen based!) together opens up new channels of communication for families and they will take these new communication skills and confidence back home with them.

Focus groups with existing and new participants helps us ensure that we are providing the best experiences for Doncaster families and that we are meeting the needs of our communities.

an artist helps a young boy to make some artwork at The Point in Doncaster

Family-Friendly Standards
We are proud to meet the national standards to ensure that we are both Family Friendly and Age Friendly. This means that we work hard to provide a welcoming and positive experience for all visitors, regardless of their age.

These Family Arts Standards are put in place by the Family Arts Campaign and are designed to help families know what they should expect from an organisation, covering the basic considerations of families visiting any time of arts experience. Our meeting the national standards means that we provide an annual and varied programme of high quality activity for children and young people of all abilities at The Point and in a range of community settings.

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