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Fundraising Focus: Art Club

Fantastic, free, weekly workshops at The Point

Two young people with long brown hair stand next to a grown-up at a craft table as they show them how to Lino print with blue ink

Art Club is a programme of creative activity for children and their families in Doncaster, with weekly sessions taking place at in our dedicated workshop spaces at The Point – where getting messy and creative is encouraged! The workshops are free, open and accessible to all, with a particular focus on those facing barriers to arts engagement including low-income families, families with English as a second language and Disabled children and young people.  

The sessions explore everything from collage to textiles and printmaking and are delivered by darts’ team of highly-skilled professional artists, who design workshops around the regularly-changing exhibitions showing at our light-filled gallery, increasing participant engagement with the artworks on display and exploring topics such as the climate crisis, natural world and local histories. The programme is designed with participants in mind and children taking part are encouraged to bring siblings, parents, carers and friends so that they can spend quality time together in a fun, relaxed, creative and safe space. Sessions are participant-led and are made for everyone, regardless of level of need or ability. 

In such a relatively short period of time our son has accomplished many things at Art Club that we wouldn’t have thought possible. This is all down to the amazing staff who put in so much effort each week.

– Arthur, parent

Ongoing research indicates a real need for projects like Art Club. Many Doncaster families face numerous barriers to engagement, only exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis. The Fairness and Wellbeing Commission reports that 35.5% of Doncaster children were living in poverty in 2020/21, and that 21% of Doncaster residents live with Disability. Teachers report that since the Covid-19 pandemic, children are experiencing further needs in emotional literacy that are often unmet by the curriculum.  With over a third of children in Doncaster living in poverty, opportunities for high-quality artistic, cultural, and social activities are extremely limited for many people in the community. 

Art Club works by increasing engagement and access to the arts, culture, and heritage as professional artists deliver workshops responding to our gallery exhibitions using a range of skills, techniques and media. It builds confidence and self-esteem in young people: by working in dedicated arts space with professional artists, young participants and their families can explore new and exciting skills that are often very different to what they can do at home or at school.

I never used to do art but now I do it quite a lot. It’s made me think about talking to other people that I might not have met before…I feel very safe here.


Remaining free and open to all is essential to the mission of Art Club, enabling access to the arts and an essential creative outlet for many people who might never otherwise be able to take part in opportunities like Art Club or discover new skills through art. As a participatory arts charity we rely solely on fundraising to continue our much-needed work across communities in Doncaster, and the programme can only continue to run due to generous donations from trusts, foundations and community champions. Any donation – whether big or small – makes a huge difference and means that we can keep providing essential and accessible activities like Art Club for those that need them the most.

How your donation could make a difference…

  • £20 could pay for enough clay for 50 children to sculpt their own 3D art works, supporting them to develop their creative skillset as well as developing coordination and motor skills. 
  • £50 could pay for a child with profound disabilities to spend quality time with their siblings at an Art Club session, giving them the space to feel inspired and grow together in our safe, accessible building.
  • £100 could pay for a child with Autism to build independence, improve communication skills and develop social relationships with others by attending Art Club for one month.

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