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How does darts work with schools?

At darts we work with schools across Doncaster in a variety of ways, from visiting schools to deliver creative workshops to welcoming them to The Point to visit our gallery and make art here in our building. We work with primary, secondary and Special schools across the borough. Here you can find a rundown of our work.


Our gallery here at The Point is available for schools to book out for a visit. Our exhibitions are varied and exciting and encourage pupils to explore, look, listen, talk and make art. You can book a self-facililitated visit for free: this means the gallery will be kept private for the duration of your class’s stay. Alternatively, we can offer schools an artist-led workshop, wherein one of our professional artists can lead pupils in a workshop based upon the exhibition. A fee applies for artist-led sessions.

To book either a self-faciliated or an artist-led session, please contact Amy on 01302 558041 or Slots are available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm. We recommend that you book as early as possible to ensure availability.


Doncaster Primary Arts Network is a group for teachers to share ideas, inspiration and support for planning and implementing arts across the curriculum, and to provide space to share best practice and feedback learning. They meet termly at The Point. Email if you would like to receive invitations to the next network meetings. You can some more info including teacher comments here,


Through All Aboard we work with children with disabilities and their families to offer them something new – to improve their range of choice, provide the opportunity to express themselves, and promote independence. Artists deliver a range of out-of-school creative activities including music, visual arts, photography, sculpture and poetry – these workshops are specially designed in response to individual children’s needs and abilities. Find out about All Aboard in more detail here.


Doncaster Music Education Hub (known as Music Hub) is a collection of local partners lead jointly by Doncaster Music Service and darts. Our ambition is to provide every child in Doncaster the opportunity to sing and learn a musical instrument, and to perform as an ensemble regardless of race or gender. Through Music Hub we are involved in the running and supporting of various workshops, groups and events – these include musical workshops delivered by our artists at schools across the borough, after-school choirs, and annual performances such as massed choirs of primary, secondary and Special school pupils.


Teaching In Role is a drama technique which allows the class teacher to step out of their normal role and take on an alternative character in relation to the subject being taught. The approach shifts the dynamic in the classroom, allowing the teacher to stimulate debate and discussion by the pupils in a different way. We work with primary schools employing Teaching In Role techniques to improve pupils’ reading and writing skills.


In We Speak Music our musicians work in Doncaster’s Special Schools to increase pupil voice, choice and independence through the use of music and Makaton, delivering creative workshops for pupils with a range of disabilities including those with profound and complex needs. Pupils create their own compositions, play new and unusual instruments, and work with guest musicians to develop skills in specific fields of music. They come together to sing their own compositions to a live audience, accompanied by Makaton signing, in the annual event Sing + Sign.


Transitions is a collaboration between darts, Coppice and North Ridge Special Schools and Hall Cross Academy, which focuses on developing life skills for young people with disabilities who are on the verge of adulthood. Through drama, music, film and event-planning, young people will develop their confidence, communication and choice-making skills. Read more about Transitions here.


In The Spark project, our artists create engaging creative sessions for pupils who are at risk of exclusion using sculpture, circus arts, music and visual arts. Together they prepare for end-of-year sharing events where pupils can show what they have made and learned. The Spark aims to provide children at risk of exclusion with new routes into learning by increasing engagement, improving self-esteem and aspiration and developing coping strategies. The artists also create a practical toolbox of creative approaches to support the continued professional development of teachers, embedding training so that teachers feel more confident when approaching new pupils facing similar challenges.


Start is a UK-wide project supported by Children & The Arts which aims to reach children who are missing out on creative and cultural education. It provides access to high quality arts experiences intended to boost confidence, raise aspirations and help with learning and development. Through Start children can access workshops in every art form including theatre, music, visual arts, dance, poetry and much more. For example, a class of children involved in the Start project might visit our current exhibition and take part in a visual arts workshop afterwards, creating their own responses to the art they have viewed. You can find more details on the Start project here.

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