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Ian & Luke – Song and Chat

Inspired by Picasso's rumoured visit to Mexborough!

Is Mexborough the alternative history centre of the universe?

Back in September we had exciting plans to take creative rambles around Mexborough, for small, safe groups of six. We were excited about using landmarks and stories about Mexborough as our creative inspiration for words, songs and whatever else came to mind whilst exploring.

Restrictions changed again and our artists Luke Carver Goss and Ian McMillan decided to write a song from home instead. They had heard a rumour about the famous artist Picasso visiting Sheffield in 1950, and disappearing for the afternoon. The musicians decided that he’d probably made a trip to Mexborough… here’s what they came up with!

Listen to a brand new song, followed by a lovely discussion about creative inspiration and how the song was constructed. This gives brilliant insight into the inner workings of a musician’s mind.

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