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Take a Journey Through Sound

Where do you think percussionist Gary is travelling to?

Musician Gary Hammond smiling and playing a percussion instrument.

On this page you’ll find three soundscapes created by percussionist Gary. Gary is going on a musical adventure, using lots of different instruments to evoke a feeling of a particular place.

We’d love you to listen to each one and see if you can work out where Gary is travelling to. You can listen with your eyes closed or with a soft gaze. Just have a think about what the sounds suggest to you.

Perhaps you could write a few words, a poem or even a short story around what you come up with? You could have a look around and see what sounds you could make with objects you have at home.

We would love to know where you think Gary went on his adventures! Please share your thoughts with us on social media [Twitter/Facebook/Instagram] or by emailing

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