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Local businesses, we need you!

Our annual children's singing events are back - and they're better than ever

Every year, darts and Doncaster Music Service collaboratively run two fantastic large-scale singing events for Doncaster’s children and young people – Sing Out and Sing + Sign. Following the success of last year’s events, we want to partner with Doncaster-based businesses to provide dedicated performance T-Shirts to every child taking part in Sing Out and Sing + Sign.

Sing Out – This massed singing event gives mainstream primary school pupils the opportunity to perform together alongside a live rock band at The Dome in Doncaster.

Sing + Sign – Doncaster’s Special Schools some together each year to perform on stage, alongside accompanying Makaton to aid communication and understanding for all those taking part.

Pupils perform original songs that they have created in school, as well as their favourite pop hits that they have been rehearsing, all accompanied by a live rock band. The performances see participating schools come together, either at The Dome or at Doncaster College’s Drama Space, to perform each song for an audience of family, carers, guardians, teachers, VIPs and funders.

The service that artists provide is excellent and the opportunity to get together and socialise with peers is wonderful

This is about more than music. In taking part, the children are able to work with professional musicians, performing the songs they wrote, on a professional stage. These events are about opportunity and aspiration, giving children the chance to take part in something professional, unique and inspiring.

We’re looking for a total of £6000 in sponsorship for the T-Shirts for the two events. Whether a small donation, or full provision of the T-Shirts, any contribution to these events makes a huge difference. It gives local businesses the chance to show their support for the local community, and ensures that young people have a high-quality experience and can take home a lasting reminder of their achievement. There is a wealth of evidence demonstrating the positive impacts that supporting local community-based opportunities can have on a business – especially one that supports the talent of Doncaster’s children and young people.

If you run a business, or know someone who does, why not check out our sponsorship pack or email to find out how to become part of these fantastic community events.

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