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New creative packs designed for adults experiencing mental health issues

Participation Co-ordinator Jamie is safely delivering the packs

Jamie, a darts employee, packing some creative books at The Point in Doncaster.

Jamie, our Participation Co-ordinator, is out safely delivering our fourth Creative Directions activity pack to participants across Doncaster.

Produced by illustrator Anna Bean and theatre director Gitika Buttoo, the pack is designed to inspire Creative Directions participants who are experiencing mental health issues or feeling isolated during this time.

Using eye-catching illustrations by Anna and effective storytelling techniques by Gitika, the pack encourages participants to create their own unique characters and draw, write, act or add colour to the pack’s monochrome illustrations.

This pack is part of a 6 part series designed to support our Creative Directions participants, by providing them with high-quality creative activities which will help to improve and maintain their mental health.

To see the books produced previously by our professional artists, visit Creative Directions Books.

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