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We're crowdfunding - please help us raise funds

Boy sings into a microphone at Sing + Sign - a music performance led by darts in Doncaster

Please pledge!

We need your help. We are embarking on our first ever crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to develop our All Aboard project for Disabled children and young people. 

We need as many pledges as possible to get the ball rolling – whether it’s £1 or £100, every donation counts. The more pledges we get, the more likely we’ll also be offered match funding to get us closer to our goal.

The funding will pay for weekly All Aboard creative workshops for Disabled children and young people at The Point. You can read Sharon’s Blog here to find out why these sessions are so important and what it means for her and her family to come to The Point and get involved in activities with others.

We believe that all Doncaster children and young people should have equal access to high quality arts, creative and cultural activity, regardless of ability or need. Doncaster’s Disabled children and young people have fewer opportunities locally, and we know from talking to parents, teachers and the young people themselves, that there is a demand for regular opportunities in community settings.

To read more about our campaign and to make a pledge, click here: 


A girl from holding a percussion instrument in one darts' All Aboard sessions - The Point in Doncaster

Did you know?

darts is a registered charity and funds all of its work through fundraising. To help us create art with people in Doncaster to improve life, learning and health, you can give us a one off donation, or set up a monthly gift through CAF here.

Every single donation makes a huge difference and really helps us to continue developing projects that positively impact the lives of Doncaster residents across the borough.

Thank you!

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