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Schools: videos

We know that often the best way to understand a project is to see it in action, so here you will find videos relating to our work with schools.

Across 2017/8, we worked with 7 primary schools across Doncaster, exploring how the drama technique Teaching In Role can be used to positively affect pupils’ reading and writing, among other skills.


iSing is a massed choir event featuring secondary schools across Doncaster. Our musicians work with pupils and teachers to learn songs and choreography, which is then performed in front of a live audience.



Like iSing, Sing Out is a massed choir event, but this time with Doncaster’s primary schools!



Makaton Rocks is a song written by musician Janet Wood and Coppice School in Doncaster. Coppice, along with other Special Schools in Doncaster, then learned Makaton signs to perform along with the song. The schools performed it at a massed choir event called Sing & Sign.


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