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Scribble, Doodle & Draw: reviews by Rufus and Wilf

On Saturday our new exhibition Scribble, Doodle & Draw opened in The Point’s gallery! The space has transformed into a giant comic strip, with characters to follow and resources to draw your own cartoons. Rufus (12) and Wilf (7) visited the exhibition on its opening day and have kindly shared their thoughts below!



When I walked into the exhibition, I saw a wall in front of me with examples of the artwork and personal interviews with each of the artists. I enjoyed the questions and answers with the artists as I got to hear more about what the artists think rather than just seeing their work. I liked the artwork in the entrance as it gave a sample of the cartoon strips and didn’t give everything away straight away.

When I went round the corner, I saw massive artworks by each of the artists. There were cushions on the floor where I could sit and read the huge comic strips and enjoy the art. When I saw the massive comic strips on the wall, I was surprised at how big they were. The comic strips themselves were really funny and the artists’ ideas were very clever. My favourite was the Prince Rhino Beetle one because it made me laugh and it was really well done.

Through a doorway in the wall, I walked into a room with a long table packed with art supplies and drawing materials. There were instruction and activity sheets and also plain paper and everyone was encouraged to create their own cartoon strips. I created a couple of pieces of art and added them to the giant comic strip on the wall there. It felt really good to see my work up there and as if everyone can be part of the exhibition.

Upstairs there were comfortable chairs next to a shelf lined with comic books and graphic novels where you could relax and read after looking round the exhibition.

My favourite part was the activities room because of the range of activities available. The one improvement that could be made was that there was more space for other artworks to be displayed alongside the large comic strips. Music could also have been played so that the exhibition didn’t feel so quiet.

I think that there should be more exhibitions like this around to celebrate different artists’ work – it was brilliant. I also enjoyed my cheese and bacon panini in the café!



I enjoyed the exhibition because it was about comics and I like reading comics. My favourite bit was the big comics on the walls – I though it was clever that the artists had painted them so giant.

I loved the Prince Rhino Beetle and Ratty Pants one because all of the people that he saved didn’t want to be saved and it made me laugh.

I liked that you could make your own comics for the exhibition and I also spent ages reading comics upstairs. It would have been good if you could make your own mini comic books too.

I think it was great and I would definitely recommend it to other people to go and visit!

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