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teaching in role resources

Free resource packs for teachers

a teacher in a hat is in character as part of darts in Doncaster's Teaching in Role project

Learn more about Teaching In Role and get started with some introductory activities, designed to develop confidence and increase engagement. These packs provide guidance on creatively introducing and exploring texts, including characters and their emotions and dilemmas, events and consequences, settings and more. Download the Teaching in Role resources here:

Pack 1 of 5: How to introduce the text and begin to creatively explore the setting

Pack 2 of 5: How to creatively explore thoughts, feelings and motivations of characters in depth

Pack 3 of 5: How to creatively explore events within and beyond the text

Pack 4 of 5: How to creatively explore arguments for and against moral dilemma, character thoughts/emotions and consequences of events

Pack 5 of 5: Sample lesson Plan

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