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tuesday art club

A chance for young people to be creative and develop independence

young people and artist laughing and creative making at The Point in Doncaster

darts runs a regular Art Club each week in term time for young people aged 8+. This is an opportunity for young people to attend creative sessions independently, to meet new people and to really explore a whole range of visual arts techniques and materials. Engaging in immersive activity in this way builds young people’s resilience and self-esteem. Our artists will ensure that the activity is gently challenging, supporting young people to try new methods and to succeed, learning from mistakes and creating a piece of art that they are proud of.

Sessions are very different to school and artists provide an array of high quality tools and materials for young people to get stuck into. Activity is often linked to the current exhibition in the gallery at The Point so there is a wealth of inspiration to ignite young people’s imaginations.

I think this is very different from school because even though it’s a specific thing you are doing, you can make it your own. At school you’d probably just be copying a picture or doing one of those one sided ones where you have to fill in the other side. The more interesting things we do are with paint, but I’m not very good with paint so I really enjoy it here because you can do a lot of different things that you wouldn’t normally do at school.
I have definitely become more advanced in drawing. I have never actually tried felting before and it was a really amazing new experience to try it.

Tuesday Art Club takes place at The Point, darts’ home in central Doncaster. The opportunity to access creative opportunities in such an exciting and colourful building gives young people a real sense of independence and a connection to their community. There’s a real buzz in the building on a Tuesday evening with two Tuesday Art Club sessions running back to back, ukulele groups and other music groups filling the rooms at The Point.

We consult with the young people to make sure that we are providing the right activity with professional artists who are positive role models for those who attend.

I can’t remember his name but I liked the photography – I really enjoyed that because I learnt a lot more about the technology that you would use every day. It made me think that the other cameras are a bit better than modern day because you can do more with it.

Young people attend Tuesday Art Club from across Doncaster borough. It’s a chance for them to meet new people outside of school, or for those who are home educated, to socialise and work with others. The group is fully inclusive and young people with special educational needs and abilities are welcome to attend with or without a parent or carer.

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The first time I came I know three or four people as I came with some of my friends. I’ve also made friends with different people and I don’t usually do that.

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