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young people

darts provides a wide range of opportunities for young people to access creative activities independently

A group of young people with Young Curators tshirts stand with Ed Miliband MP at The Point in Doncaster

darts is committed to providing a wide range of excellent creative opportunities for Doncaster’s young people. As well as delivering activity across the borough in communities and schools, we deliver a number of regular sessions and workshops for young people to access independently at The Point, our home in central Doncaster.

Our skilled professional artists provide high quality activities that are fun and engaging, but that also develop key lifeskills for young people to take forward into their lives. Artists provide a safe environment in which to play, challenge and experiment using a wide range of creative techniques. Participating in immersive creative activity broadens young people’s horizons, increasing aspirations and improving social, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Artists design activity to respond specifically to the young people in the room and will be pitched in a way that is age appropriate, fun and accessible. They are skilled in adapting delivery and approaches to the needs of participants from diverse backgrounds and with a wide variety of need. Our work is person-centred and usually co-designed with those in the room, whilst working within a flexible framework. The approach is inclusive and aims to provide equal access whatever the gender, socio-economic, ethnic background or ability – artists provide a flexible working environment where participants can challenge themselves, fail safely, build resilience and celebrate the distance travelled. 


Swag Choir - Young women singing at The Dome in Doncaster

Swag Choir and Swaglets

Swag Choir and Swaglets are choirs with a difference. Led by professional musician, Alice Needham, they are dynamic vocal groups with bags of attitude, combining R&B, hip-hop and dance tracks with choreography.

The regular sessions are delivered as part of our Doncaster Music Education Hub offer. Doncaster Music Education Hub is a collection of local partners lead jointly by Doncaster Music Service and darts. Our ambition is to provide every child in Doncaster the opportunity to sing and learn a musical instrument, and to perform as an ensemble regardless of race or gender.

Find out more about Swag Choir here:

A woman and a girl smiling.

Tuesday Art Club

darts runs a regular Art Club each week in term time for young people aged 8+. This is an opportunity for young people to attend creative sessions independently, to meet new people and to really explore a whole range of visual arts techniques and materials. Engaging in immersive activity in this way builds young people’s resilience and self-esteem. Our artists will ensure that the activity is gently challenging, supporting young people to try new methods and to succeed, learning from mistakes and creating a piece of art that they are proud of.

Sessions are very different to school and artists provide an array of high quality tools and materials for young people to get stuck into. Activity is often linked to the current exhibition in the gallery at The Point so there is a wealth of inspiration to ignite young people’s imaginations.

a group of children with some music tech equipment at The Point in Doncaster

Wednesday Music Club

Professional musicians lead a weekly music club for young people aged 9+. This is an opportunity for curious young people to try something new and enjoy a wide range of activities from songwriting to playing in a band or trying out music tech for the first time.

Delivered as part of the Doncaster Music Education Hub, the sessions provide a non-traditional way into music making for young people who may never have had access before. No experience is necessary and musicians encourage those participating to have a go and try things they have never tried before.

The Music Club is fully inclusive and a brilliant opportunity for young people to meet new friends and create social connections outside of school.

Young people with disabilities singing

The Orangery

The Orangery is a creative group of young people with disabilities who meet regularly at The Point, home of darts. The young people decide what artform they would like to explore and then work with professional artists over a block of sessions to develop new creative skills and make new work.

Over the years, the group has designed, devised and filmed a puppet show in a beautiful puppet theatre, created an album of new tracks, written, devised and performed in their own musical and produced photographic collages about their lives.

Young woman reads a speach to launch the Bill Viola exhibition at The Point in Doncaster - she is a Young Curator

Young Curators

As part of the Tate/Royal Galleries of Scotland Art Fund ARTIST ROOMS: Bill Viola exhibition that we hosted in our gallery at The Point, we created a new Young Curators group. This was a fantastic opportunity for young people to engage with the process, to be creative themselves and to inform both the programming and the marketing activity for the exhibition.

This was the first time that the work of internationally renowned video artist, Bill Viola had ever been displayed in Doncaster and the Young Curators launched the exhibition alongside Ed Miliband MP at a special event attended by arts professionals from across the country.

The Young Curators group worked with professional artist Anna Bean and created their own Instagram page, postcard marketing campaign, performance and art work. They had a vital role in increasing access to the exhibition for other Doncaster young people and ensured that our marketing campaign was relevant and engaging.

young people

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