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Zoom provides adults with new ways to make music

Participants can join our professional musicians for virtual music-making

Participants play percussion and sing at a Creative Directions session in Askern - darts in Doncaster

People from across Doncaster can join professional musicians for fun music-making sessions via Zoom.

Musicians, including ex Beautiful South percussionist Gary Hammond, come up with ideas for original songs and participants contribute their own lyrics and music to develop it.

Participants have written some beautiful lyrics so far, and the guitarists in the group have created some fantastic guitar accompaniments.

For many of our participants, lockdown has been an isolating and stressful time. The sessions give participants an opportunity to enjoy an hour of creativity and respite.

One participant told us, “I was pleasantly surprised how the session went. It was great to see and hear familiar and new faces / voices”

Alongside our virtual sessions, we provide lots of ways for adults experiencing mental health issues to enjoy making music at home. Visit

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