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100 Things to do in Doncaster before 11

From building a den at Sandall Beat Wood to finding a fossilised dinosaur at Doncaster Museum, there are so many exciting things to do in Doncaster! Now there is a definitive list of the 100 things to do in Doncaster before you’re 11!

3 of those 100 things take place right here at The Point!

Number 69 – See an exhibition at The Point and take part in craft activities. Right now, we have our Scribble, Doodle and Draw exhibition which is perfect for a family visit! There’s original artwork, lots of comics to read, and learning resources for children to get involved themselves!

Number 72 – Take part in a Saturday Family art Workshop at The Point. Our workshops can range from anything such as textiles, music, photography or any other craft you can think of, but rest assured they all include a lot of fun.

Number 78 – Join an art or music club at The Point. Our Tuesday Art Clubs are perfect for any budding artists. They offer the opportunity for children to work with professional artists to learn and develop various skills.

The latest research from BBC Arts shows that even just a single session of creative activity has strong emotional and mental benefits, with those benefits snowballing if you perform creative activities regularly. To read more about this research, and to take BBC Arts’ Feel Good Test, please click here.


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