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A life of my own report

Our end of project report

In March 2014 we were successful in securing funding from Doncaster Council’s Innovation Fund for a 24 month arts programme called A Life of My Own, which aimed to develop carers’ resilience.

Previous experience has shown that with the serious and ongoing demands of being a carer, there is the need and desire to take part in creative activity that’s energising, challenging and healing. There is also a demand from carers to be able to do things with the person they support on an equal basis, enabling them to have respite ‘with’ rather than respite ‘away’ from the person they support.

A Life of My Own aimed to build carers’ resilience to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing and therefore be better able to respond to crisis, transitions and emotional changes associated with caring. By building up strategies for managing everyday life, the carer would be less likely to rely on services.

You can download the ‘A Life of My Own’ report here and read more about our approach and the difference we made.

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