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The Art of Disconnection Artworks

Explore our current exhibition featuring work by artist Kate Sully online

As the Point is currently closed, we’ve digitised The Art of Disconnection exhibition so that you can explore it online. Have a look at each of the artworks in the gallery and find out more about them.

Freemantle Series

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These pieces were created during Kate’s art residency in Fremantle Arts centre, Western Australia. When Kate travelled to Australia, she took some digital images of the brain with her, as well as other abstract images she found interesting. She began assembling and collaging as an experiment in the first week there. Given the space and freedom to experiment, she said: 

‘The work just poured out and gave me such freedom and inspiration to develop a new language, which explored connections and disconnections around neuroscience and displacement. I was able to change the pieces very quickly. I would begin a painting and then cut it up to make another if it didn’t work- I have never worked like this before and it completely changed my practice.’

Images from left to right in the gallery below:

  • Journey 2020
  • Balance 2020
  • Connections 2020
  • Hybrid 2020
  • Hippocampus 2020

Festival of the Mind Collection

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This work explores research into people living with dementia and their brain patterns. Each piece is inspired by the specific research from the collaboration with researchers from SITraN (Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience) at the University of Sheffield.

Images from left to right in the gallery below:

  • Astrocyte 2020
    • Explores the role of the Astrocyte in healthy brain function
  • Corpus 2020
    • Explores research into the effects of obesity on the brain
  • Consciousness 2020
    • Explores how the brain reacts to eyes open/closed in people with dementia as they seem to be in a different state of consciousness  
  • Demens 2020
    • Inspired by the research around what happens in the brain when we age and a whole abstract language appears as the connections become lost


Take a look in more detail

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All of the works in ‘The Art of Disconnection’ are made up of layers of printed digital imagery, collage and paint. These close-up photographs of Kate’s work show this in more detail. Click on the thumbnails below to see the images expand.

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