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Blog: Artworks South Yorkshire

Artworks South Yorkshire is a not for profit arts organisation which aims to support and inspire adults with learning disabilities and autism to achieve their creative potential through creative workshops and placements.

After visiting The Point for the first time a few months ago, the group were very excited to come and see our latest exhibition, Human Machines.

Here’s what the group thought about the exhibition:


“We’ve really enjoyed it. The interactive elements in particular are great fun.

“Any opportunity to come back and visit, we will!”


“The group have lots of different interests and are inspired by different things.

“It’s great to see them being inspired by the exhibition, whatever piece that might be.”


“I like that it [The Gaze] has CDs for the eyes. I think that’s really great”


“It’s really different. I like the eyes [The Gaze]”


“I like ‘The Time of My Life’. I like that it shows the different stages of life.”

Thanks to Artworks South Yorkshire for their kind feedback!

To find out more about The Gaze and The Time of My Life, hear from the exhibition’s creators, Johnny and Amanda.

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