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My family trip to The Point

We chatted with Wendy about her family’s visit to The Point.

“We decided to visit The Point because we wanted our children to have fun, rather than just look at their phone!  

A friend of mine and their children enjoy the arts, so that encouraged us to come along too.

I’ve never been to The Point before. I’m not originally from Doncaster, but I’ve lived here for a long time.

As someone whose first language isn’t English, The Point was completely new to me – but I know it’s a great place for my children.

It’s nice to know they’re doing something fun, and it’s definitely encouraged us to join one of the future workshops here.

Children need opportunities to develop and show their talents in their free time. I’d certainly encourage my children to take part in activities at The Point where they can learn, draw, sing and dance.”

We have lots of exciting workshops coming up at The Point! For the full list of workshops, visit:

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