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Meet the Artist: Karen Hall

Find out more about the artists creating your darts activities

Karen is a freelance textile and visual artist. She uses her sewing machine to draw with (rather than to make clothing etc.) and has a love for portraits, nature and buildings. She also uses mixed media to create visual art and pulls together different materials to produce a finished piece that can be anything from willow structures incorporating weaving, book binding with fabric pages, UV sensory rooms with glowing paint, wool and soundscape activities!

Karen has been working with darts for over 6 years after a friend told her about us. She says that she is still as enthusiastic and thrilled to be working with darts now as she was then! She says:

I'm always touched when participants show me their own work, which they've been doing at home after being inspired by one of my workshops. Inspiring people means the world to me.

It's great watching participants get drawn into the processes and then see results of their own work. I love the annual PointFEST event as it is an opportunity for me to be working alongside the wider team at darts and meet new people too.
A lot of my preparation for workshops and activities is done visually in my head, then I'll write down bullet points (ok, cryptic diagrams and reminders to breathe!) for when I deliver sessions face to face. I often prepare examples of work too, so participants can hold, explore and discuss them.

Karen created a range of activities for darts at Home, all of which are suitable for adults or children (or for families to try together). Have a go at the ‘Mark Making‘ activity pack and making your own ‘View Finder‘.

We would love to see what you make using Karen’s pack – send us your images to


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