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Meet the Artist: Moony Wainwright

Find out more about the artists creating your darts activities

Moony is a musician who loves making music with other people (the noisier the better!)

He brings his amazing talent and creativity to darts participants and delivers workshops with many groups including All Aboard and Creative Directions.

He says:

One of my most memorable moments working with darts is opening up the Coppice summer fair and playing with musicians from the school - wowing their families and the school goat!

For darts at Home, Moony created a fantastic song and video with other musicians for All Aboard as well as ‘Moony’s Songwriting Challenge’ activity pack.

He told us that the biggest challenge to delivering creative activity virtually is ‘Finding ways to connect with people who aren’t there down a camera lens!’

These images were taken by photographer, James Mulkeen.

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