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darts is turning 30!

We want your help to celebrate!

2020 marks the 30th birthday of darts (Doncaster Community Arts) – an outstanding achievement that we are really proud of! For the last two decades we have been based at The Point, our lovely, friendly and welcoming home. But before we moved into The Point, darts began life in 1990 out of a small room in the back of Bentley Library, where a group of artists got together in order to plan and deliver workshops and experiences with a simple goal: to improve life, learning and health through the arts for people across Doncaster.

From humble beginnings, darts has grown significantly and now engages with over 50,000 peopleĀ a year and we would like to thank you for accompanying us on that journey.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we are collecting any stories or memories you may have of darts over its 30 year history – or simply any comments you may have about us. No memory is insignificant and no comment is too small.

Whether you remember the old days back in Bentley Library, have just bumped into the Swag Choir doing a pop up performance in the Frenchgate Centre, or brought your children to Art Adventures as pre-schoolers and they now attend our Young Curators group.

Maybe our artists have given you the skills to find a job, or joining Quirky Choir has given your social network a new lease of life, or you remember standing at the feet of an enormous sand elephant at the Sandhouse exhibition in our Gallery. We want to hear everything!

We are gathering stories from anyone who has memories of engaging with darts or visiting The Point. Please send your stories and memories to us or get in touch to share your story – Adrian Horan

Exhibition in The Point's gallery of photographs by Les Monaghan

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