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DN Festival 2018

Last weekend marked the arrival of DN Festival after months of planning by our partners, Right Up Our Street. Read on to find out what their Admin Assistant Sophie has to say about the event and how it went.

The DN Festival went amazingly well! Huge thanks to everyone who came to the Festival and our pop-up cinema beforehand – the weather did not deter the people of Doncaster! We had blazing sunshine, quick showers and strong winds – all par for the course at Right Up Our Street outdoor events. Enormous thanks to the wonderful team at Cast, who helped us to move our pop-up cinema and family rave into their indoor spaces, as well as some performances on the day.

There were loads of brilliant local groups, artists and performers in the line-up. Special thanks go to all the performers and acts. There was theatre, music, installations, art, poetry – the performances were all such high quality and it was great to see such a diverse range of local talent on display for the residents and visitors of Doncaster.

Meanwhile in Waterdale, darts provided a Creative Space which was absolutely packed out throughout the festival. Visual artists Karen and Dan were running crafty workshops where people could get stuck in and make their own rockets and spaceships, and for people who wanted to just sit back and enjoy the arty vibe, there were wireless headphones on offer which people could wear to listen to recordings from Singing for Memory.

Another popular feature was Music from Outer Space, which local school children had helped prepare with musician Nick Lewis. A shop wall was converted into a musical instrument using cardboard, conductive paint, copper wire and sounds from NASA, so people could make space sounds by touching and playing with the wall. The children helped install the wall too, so a big thank you to them for their help.

Of course, a space-themed festival wouldn’t be complete without visits from some of space’s most famous faces. Darth Vader popped in with a couple of his Stormtrooper friends – they’d heard whisperings of the festival among the Rebel Alliance and decided to check it out. We’re delighted that they dropped by, and even more delighted that they didn’t try to take over the festival, or Doncaster, or the world.

The Right Up Our Street team really focused on access for all audiences this year. We made sure we had Makaton signage across the whole site and all our volunteers received basic Makaton training. There were BSL signed performance and even a BSL Princess Leia who roamed the festival site, interacting with our audiences. There was also a quiet space with a sensory area inside Cast. We would like to keep improving our access provision year on year, so if you have any feedback on our provision at this year’s festival, or any suggestions of how we could do things better in the future, please drop me an email on

Our wonderful team of volunteers assisted with everything from stewarding performances to setting up the festival site to manning the Information Point. We wouldn’t be able to run our festival without our volunteers, so a huge thank you to all of you from team RUOS! If you would like to volunteer at our Light Festival in November, please contact me, also on

Please share your photos of the festival with us on social media using the hashtag #DNFestival and don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay up to date on all of Right Up Our Street’s events!

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