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Dyzelle’s Music Challenges

Fun and accessible challenges to try out with musician Dyzelle

Two girls smiling. One is holding a microphone.

Are you ready to take on a music challenge from Dyzelle? Inspired by Sing and Sign, Core Artist Dyzelle has created some fantastic music challenges for you to enjoy.

Have a look at Dyzelle’s challenges below, and let us know how you get on – we love seeing what you’ve all been up to!

Music Challenge 1

Go Greta Challenge Pack

Tiny Changes Track

Tiny Changes Backing Track

Music Challenge 2

Ollie the Octopus Challenge Pack

Ollie the Octopus Track

Music Challenge 3

Save the Trees Challenge Pack

Save the Trees Track


Mini Challenge 1

Look Up At The Sky Challenge Pack

Look Up At The Sky Gary’s Track

Look Up At The Sky Dyzelle’s Track

Look Up At The Sky Backing Track

Mini Challenge 2

Happy Place Challenge Pack

Mini Challenge 3

Build a Song Challenge Pack

Mini Challenge 4

Road Trip Challenge Pack

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