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KS1 & KS2 Case Studies: Using music to enhance learning

We believe that music can be used in school to encourage learning, communication and motivation for children of all abilities and backgrounds. During our years of working with pupils and teachers in Doncaster we’ve gathered lots of anecdotal evidence of how powerful music can be as a tool to facilitate change for pupils and teachers.

In 2012, we worked in partnership with CapeUK to develop six enquiry questions which aimed to explore how music could best be used to enhance teaching and learning in various education settings.

On the right-hand side of this page you will find a link to the report ‘Outside The Music Box’. It outlines¬†the details of the projects and outcomes. We hope the stories of these projects will inspire teachers to try out some of these ideas in their own schools.

Bawtry Mayflower Primary School

How can music engage and inspire boys in Year 2 to want to write?

Bentley High Street Primary School

How can music and recording improve children's vocabulary and clarity of speech?

Hill Top Primary School

How can we use music through a cross curricular approach to enhance learning?

Pheasant Bank Junior School

Can music and recording be used to create a toolkit which improves standards in writing?

Stone Hill Special School

How can using music in KS2 have a positive impact on the community?

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