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Lost in Something

An original exhibition of sculpture, painting and music at The Point


‘Lost in Something’ an exhibition of sculpture, paintings is on show at The Point until 28 January. Musician Hayley Youell shares her thoughts about working with visual artist Michelle Clarke Stables to create this innovative exhibition.

For both Michelle, and I, ‘Lost in Something’ hasn’t just been about creating an exhibition. It’s been about us returning to our artforms, going back to where we started as children and young women lost in the joy, the rapture and the contentment of making something, being creative, doing what we love, being who we are. This has included looking back at the influences, the artists and the experiences that have shaped our creative lives.
The music has evolved from a mixture of materials, words and sounds in response to Michelle’s artwork. We had several collaborative sessions, exploring each other’s artforms. We had a sculpture day in the shed and a day out collecting sounds in response to our ideas.

Sonically and musically, I also began to think about what lulls us into becoming lost in something that relaxes and releases us. Repetition, rhythm, pace, simplicity, resolution all became things I started to explore in these tracks. The elements of water, fire (heat), became prevalent both sonically and thematically, during this process and feature strongly in the tracks.
We wanted to create moments with each sculpture for the audience, where they could become absorbed in the sculpture, the song, the sounds in a personal and immersive way, prompting them to reflect on their own experiences, feelings, longings and ways of getting lost.

Moving forwards, collaboratively we would like to explore the whole exhibition design, creating environments to give the audience space to be truly lost in something. This would involve exploring spatial design, sound design and how people interact with the sculptures.

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