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My Story – Singing for Memory

Read what attending the Singing for Memory group means to one group member and his Dad.

Three members of darts staff ran the Doncaster 10k on Sunday 26th November to raise funds for our Singing for Memory group. Thanks to your generous donations, over £650 has been raised so far. Here’s how much the group means to one of the families who access it:

“My dad has dementia and it can be difficult to be his son, as well as his carer.

We come to The Point because it is friendly and welcoming – it feels like a safe space and I don’t have to constantly be on my toes. Dad can be quite difficult at home, but when he comes to Singing for Memory he is happy and smiling! This is obviously bittersweet, but it is really good to see him so happy.

The sessions are a really good way of us getting involved in some social activity together. I like the singing best, because everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves together. I like it especially when there’s music accompanying us – you get into it more!

As well as the singing itself, it’s an opportunity for me to chat to other people – particularly those who are in a similar situation to myself. It can be really difficult to see a parent change so much, but knowing that other people are sharing a similar experience makes me feel less alone and more connected to others.

It would be terrible if Singing for Memory didn’t continue – it would leave a real hole in our lives.”

We still need your support to ensure that Singing for Memory continues – please donate here:

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