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‘My Thoughts On The Microbes Family Fun Day’ by Alfie, aged 12

Alfie, 12, attended our Family Fun Day to celebrate the launch of the new Microbes exhibition. He kindly reviewed the event for us – read on to find out what Alfie thought of it!

On Saturday the 21st of July, I visited darts (Doncaster Community Arts) to take part in a Family Fun Day. There, I took part in many activities for the public. The purpose of this review is to express my thoughts on this event.

Without further ado, I will explain my experience of this event.

At darts, I entered and was almost immediately met with an array of activities. And, to my left, was the entrance to the Microbes exhibition, created by Space Cadets Air Design.

Credit to Spacecadets Air Design for this wonderful art!

As the poster explaining this exhibition explains, this art is based on what bacteria and cells would look like through a microscope. The colourful, abstract inflatables inflate and deflate every so often, giving onlookers the notion they are alive.

Back to the activities, there were quite a few.

One of these is the petri dish artwork. In this activity, we could colour in and cut out little paper microbes and stick them in a petri dish. The resulting art looked quite nice, and it let people be creative.

We could also make our own badges. We had the opportunity to colour in a bigger microbe and make our own badges to proudly wear for the event. This activity was so popular that they ran out at one point! It was well worth the fifty pence, however.

The third activity was to collaborate with other members of the public to make large pieces of artwork.

An example of the collaborative artwork.

The artwork was created by drawing one of the microbes from the exhibition onto a clear piece of plastic. After this, it was projected onto a large piece of paper. We could then draw and colour in the projected images. The resulting artwork was a large, colourful representation of the exhibition.

Overall, I enjoyed this event and in my opinion, things like this should be held more often, as the happiness and positivity generated by this was almost tangible.

Well done darts!

Thank you to Alfie for this lovely review!

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