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New Green Funding for The Point

£400,000 awarded to The Point – home of darts (Doncaster’s creative health charity) from Arts Council England’s Capital Investment Programme

The front of The Point in Doncaster - a large white building with colourful shapes in the window. Hope of darts - a participatory arts organisation

darts in Doncaster is to benefit from a share of £24.2 million through Arts Council England’s Capital Investment Programme

The funding will be spent on decarbonising The Point and making it a sustainable home for the future. By improving insulation and airtightness, switching to renewable heating, installing solar panels, and upgrading the ventilation and cooling system, darts will reduce carbon emissions, energy use and costs and enable its creative spaces to be safe and comfortable year-round.

Awards from Arts Council England’s Capital Investment Programme go towards building works and the purchase of equipment and other assets to improve access, seize on technological opportunities and reduce environmental impact.

darts will receive £400,000 from Arts Council England, thanks to its Government-funded Capital Investment Programme, as announced today.

darts is Doncaster’s award-winning creative health charity. We create art with people in Doncaster to improve life, learning and health. Our purpose is for anyone in Doncaster to learn and connect by taking part in the arts.

darts will radically improve insulation and airtightness at The Point, switching to renewable heating, installing solar panels, and upgrading ventilation and cooling. The funding will dramatically reduce energy use and costs, and overall carbon emissions from heat and power will be reduced by 100%. The outcome for our participants will be a choice of creative spaces that are safe and comfortable year-round now, and in the future. The outcome for darts will be a sustainable home for our work which protects our future and lives our values. The outcome for the sector will be a blueprint for decarbonising challenging venues. This funding will enable us to continue providing high quality creative and cultural experiences for people in Doncaster.

The Capital Investment Programme supports the Arts Council’s mission to ensure communities across the country have the infrastructure where creativity for everyone can thrive.

Duncan Robertshaw, Chief Executive, darts said: “We’re delighted at the news that Arts Council England is supporting our plans to decarbonise The Point. In the face of global heating, with rising costs and more extreme weather, our lovely old building needs help if we’re to protect our creative spaces now and for future generations. The funding will provide existing and future participants from our Doncaster communities with vastly improved spaces to feel welcome, safe and comfortable. Our professional artists will be able to continue providing creative opportunities that impact positively on their physical and mental health and wellbeing.”

Darren Henley, Chief Executive, Arts Council England said: “This infrastructure investment will help a whole range of different cultural organisations across England to flourish, increasing opportunities for people to enjoy creatively excellent cultural events close to where they live. It’s particularly important that we’re making this happen in communities where cultural investment has historically been low”.

Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay, Minister for Arts, Heritage and Libraries, said: “Cultural venues enrich our lives, and it’s vital that their infrastructure matches the excellence of the creative work that goes on inside them.

“Our funding is helping both to create new venues and to adapt existing ones to make them more accessible, helping to deliver the Government’s plan to make sure that everyone, no matter where they live or what their background, has access to excellent, life-changing cultural opportunities.”

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