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singing for memory on tour

Sessions for adults living with dementia are popping up in the community

An older lady shakes a turquoise tambourine in a Singing for Memory session with darts in Doncaster

From January to May 2022 we’re happy to be working with Inspire Doncaster to bring our Singing for Memory sessions to their brilliant day care centres in Balby and Armthorpe. Participants are taking part in singing and some song writing activities with our professional musicians including Luke Carver-Goss. Luke says:

“The high level of care and support given to attendees of the Linney centre by Inspire staff is wonderful to see. In addition they give me all the support I need to make my music sessions enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone. I come out of our gatherings feeling 10 feet tall and that the Linney centre is the best place in the world to spend a Friday morning!”
A group of older adults are stood around a table. They are singing and dancing along to a man playing an accordion. Part of a Singing for Memory session with darts in Doncaster.

Singing for Memory is our friendly singing group for adults living with dementia and their family, friends and carers. These regular sessions take place on Monday afternoons at The Point, home of darts. The group provides a safe space for people to have fun, sing familiar songs and even write new ones!

Our professional musicians facilitate the sessions; their expert approach is different to other dementia services because of their person-centred and flexible approach and sessions are designed to gently challenge participants. Find out more about darts’ creative approach to dementia here.

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