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Singing fun throughout June!

Throughout June, we’ve been enjoying lots of music as schools across Doncaster have gathered together to sing at massed choir events! The events are organised by Doncaster Music Service and darts, working as partners in Doncaster Music Education Hub.

On 13 and 14 June, we had Sing Out, as primary schools got together to sing songs they’d written themselves as well as popular hits at Doncaster Dome. Sing Out is so popular that it has to be split across two evenings in order to fit all the audience into the Dome’s auditorium!

On 25 June, it was Sign & Sign – Doncaster’s Special Schools came together to sing original songs and pop hits, whilst signing the songs using Makaton. Sing & Sign took place at Doncaster College and there was a wonderful atmosphere, with songs about pirates, parrots and summer!

The success of the events is a real testament to the work that goes into them, from darts’ musician Janet going out to schools to deliver songwriting workshops with them, to the Music Hub Band playing the songs live with the pupils, to the support of venues and volunteers. We appreciate everybody’s help in putting these events on, and we can’t wait to hear next year’s songs!

Below you’ll find our video of Makaton Rocks, one of the songs created for Sing & Sign!

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