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An artist kneels on the floor holding up a huge red balloon as she opens her mouth to speak. Below, a young child stretches out their arms ready to catch the balloon as others hold a parachute open for the balloon to fall onto. Grace is delivering at a Tuneful Chatter session for darts in Doncaster.

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darts is Doncaster’s award-winning creative health charity – the largest participatory arts organisation in the UK. darts creates art with people in Doncaster to improve life, learning and health, making high-quality, inclusive, creative experiences across the borough of Doncaster and collaborating with partners worldwide. The programmes are open to everyone, particularly those who have the least access to the arts. darts’ purpose is for anyone in Doncaster to learn and connect by taking part in the arts. The mission is for everyone to feel an accepted and valued part of the community, creating a healthier and more connected society.

The Point is darts’ home – it is a centre for creative health in the middle of Doncaster, to make and share art. There is a light-filled gallery, creative workshop & studio spaces, cafe and gardens. It is a friendly welcoming building where lots of creative activity happens alongside a regular programme of family-friendly, world-class exhibitions, events and activities. It’s more than a place to just come and see. It’s about coming together and being a part in the arts. It’s about the doing. For everyone to have a safe place to come to, and feel comfortable to express themselves, learn and connect.

We rely solely on fundraising to ensure we can keep running activities for Doncaster communities. You can make a one off or monthly donation of any amount by clicking this link to our online donations page. Every penny makes a difference and we really appreciate your support.

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