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The Family Show

A collaborative exhibition combining the humorous kinetic art of Johnny White with the quirky figurative sculptures of Amanda Wray.

Following an initial opportunity to collaborate on a commission in 1995 Johnny White and Amanda Wray have worked together on many projects. They have exhibited their artworks widely across Europe and have also employed their skills to complete many exciting performance and public art projects, often involving schools and communities. ‘The Family Show’ brings together a collection of artworks, which tell the story of their journey. Johnny says;

'Working with The Point has given us the opportunity to show this exhibition together for the first time'.

The piece, ‘The Love Boat’ was inspired by the start of a beautiful romance;

‘Rowing boats have always seemed a romantic theme to me, and this happy couple are in the process of falling in love with their hearts in a whirl when the exercise bike is peddled. The boat was given to me by a friend who, after 15 years of owning it, decided that it was actually completely beyond repair. The makers tag on the stern and the number on the bow convinced me it had been a hire boat on the Thames in the 1920s. This made me think of courting couples renting it out in that era for romantic picnics on the river, and was the inspiration for the creation of the piece.’

With ‘Storm in a Teacup’ you can see lovers tiff. Usually a storm in a tea cup is a lot of fuss about nothing, but here our lovers, in their boat, in a rather over-sized teacup, are being attacked by a giant octopus! The piece ‘A Pair of Old Timers’ shows the lovers still ticking and sneaking a loving glance towards each other.

Helen Jones, Assistant Director at The Point says;

‘Working with Johnny and Amanda is an absolute joy. Seeing how they reimagine everyday objects to share their family experiences is just brilliant. We don’t want to give too much away about the exhibition as we want visitors to experience the same sense of surprise and delight that we have had whilst installing it!’

The Family show is open from 6 September until 28 October 2017.

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