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Unlocking Dementia

Artists use drama to raise awareness of dementia across Doncaster

Unlocking Dementia is a play that draws on real people’s experiences to help audiences understand more about dementia. It has been performed all over Doncaster in workplaces, doctors surgeries, residential care homes, libraries and other community spaces and aims to show us all some of the small things we can all do to help people with dementia.


So far, 1,364 people have seen the performance at 34 different venues including businesses, colleges, primary and secondary schools, libraries, community groups, care homes and public meetings.

darts is part of the Doncaster Dementia Action Alliance which wants Doncaster to become a Dementia Friendly community in which people living with dementia and their carers feel confident, knowing they can access the support they need and participate in activities which are meaningful to them.

The film below tells you more about the process and impact of Unlocking Dementia:

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