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youth music success!

New funding from Youth Music announced

Boy sings into a microphone at Sing + Sign - a music performance led by darts in Doncaster

We are totally delighted to announce that we have been successful with a three year grant from Youth Music.

This funding will enable us to continue our work with Disabled children and young people and Doncaster Special Schools around choice, voice and independence.

Our brilliant musicians will be using a whole range of music and Makaton to develop communication skills and essential lifeskills. We’ll be working with young people on the Doncaster SEND Forum to ensure that the project responds to their needs and that they have a voice in its design and delivery. Young people involved in the project will take the lead, choosing genres of music, influencing project design and creating new tracks, podcasts and events to show off their talents.

We’ll stage performances over the three years in partnership with Doncaster Music Education Hub and the young people will also be able to achieve Arts Award accreditation as part of the project.

Thanks so much to Youth Music for this support!



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