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11 Million reasons to Dance

New exhibition at The Point shows iconic movie scenes as you’ve never seen them before

Open until 3 March 2017

Popular primetime TV like Strictly Come Dancing and ITV’s Dance Dance Dance aim to get us all dancing. Our latest exhibition ‘11 Million Reasons to Dance’ gives visitors the chance to see photographs inspired by iconic dance scenes in films which feature Deaf, sight impaired or disabled performers.

The exhibition of photography and film features thought-provoking takes on great cinematic set-pieces, like Gene Kelly singing in the rain and Billy Elliot dancing his heart out for his dad.

Visitors can also visit the interactive dance booth and become a dance legend themselves.


Did you know there are more than 11 million disabled people in the UK? People Dancing, the UK development organisation and membership body for community and participatory dance, supports and celebrates ALL those who dance, want to dance or engage in dance and that’s why they and a family of arts partners across the Midlands and North of England, supported by Unlimited Impact and Arts Council England (under its strategic touring programme), have come together to create 11 Million Reasons to Dance.

With support from Unlimited Impact, People Dancing, the UK development organisation and membership body for participatory dance, commissioned emerging photographer Sean Goldthorpe to work with the dancers to create 20 high quality images.

Sean said: “I hope people will look at these images and smile, sense what a great time we all had making them and see disabled people in a new and refreshing light.”

11 Million Reasons, has already been booked to appear in Spain and Hong Kong, as well as across the UK (including London and Glasgow). We hope it will inspire dance and film lovers everywhere – and not just those who are Deaf and disabled.

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