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A Language for Landscape (No gold frames)

Stunning 21st century large scale landscape paintings and drawings by Doncaster based artist Adam Berry inspired by a landscape painting tour of England

15 July – 26 August

Adam Berry is an established award-winning artist based in Doncaster, a modern travelling painter. Within this project Adam produces work that explores the idea of a journey. His approach is based on a different response to each individual subject. There is no one particular ‘style’ as such. He aims to capture each location’s distinctive atmosphere or spirit of place.

Adam works from his studio at C-view in Doncaster and is supported by the Atkinson Gallery in Somerset, which acts as a gateway to Glastonbury and the further South West, but Doncaster is the compass point from where he begins and to where he returns.

Whilst Adam is interested in the craft of picture making where it is as much about paint as is it about landscape – it is a holistic practice. Field trips with a project like this are essential. The practice is informed by both primary and secondary research and underpinned by theory. It is a three year project and Adam has covered over fifteen thousand miles in its production so far. The work on show is a selection from a larger body of work totalling nearly forty large scale paintings and ‘hybrid form sculpture paintings’.

Adam often uses a Northern European traditional landscape painters’ palette of grey blues, grey greens and earth colours, but at other times he uses the brighter hues of Cornwall and the South West in summer, or arbitrary colours chosen for design, aesthetic, or political reasons.

This exhibition presents a selection of work created during a painting tour of England and documents a wide variety of locations and landscape contexts. A large number of the art-works on display also document the last year and closure of Hatfield Main Colliery, as well as fox hunting activities within the East of the Doncaster region.

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Exhibition developed in partnership with Right Up Our Street

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