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brand new music created by creative directions participants

Enjoy original music made with professional musicians


Our Creative Directions participants were inspired by Jackie Abbott and Paul Heaton’s song ‘You and Me Were Meant To Be Together’ and were excited that learn that our musician Gary Hammond had played drums on this track!

In response our participants have written this brilliant song called ‘Mismatch’.



Our participants in Edlington wrote this song in one of the our most unusual sessions we have had!

Poet Ian McMillan tweeted throughout the session, asking his followers to give us ideas for chords, lyrics and rhyme. With these ideas (as far away as America) and from suggestions in the room, we came up with this brilliant song.



This song came about when a workshop participant brought us a set of songs that she had written at home. This was a big deal, because sharing your own writing can be nerve-wracking!

One of the songs had a brilliant theme underlying it about emotional resilience that we thought the group would really relate to – so we asked our participants if it was ok to work on her song with the group.

We made a few small tweaks to the song, incorporated a few of the standout lines and ideas from the other 2 songs she had written and took it to the group to workshop.  Together, we made decisions about the structure, the melody and the arrangement and it really came to life.

It’s a great song that we have tried playing in a few different styles so far, but here is a version that folk musician Greg and the team worked on together.



One day we turned up to our Edington session to find tables and chairs piled up and a large sign saying ‘Do Not Move Do Not Touch.’  With Ian McMillan in the room, it wasn’t surprising that this soon became the jumping off point for a brand new song.

As you’ll hear, what started as a quirky and funny idea turned into a beautiful and poignant song.


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