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Breaking the Cycle of Failure Book

Examining the impact of arts activity on young people in Doncaster PRUs

Young woman wearing headphones and laughing at The Point darts in Doncaster

darts has an excellent track record of delivering creative activity in Doncaster Pupil Referral Units.

Breaking the Cycle of Failure marked the end of a 12 month period of ‘Otherwise Creative’ – a programme of arts work with young people educated outside the mainstream. These young people were excluded as a result of emotional, behavioural, psychological or social problems and often came from very chaotic homes.

This book explored our approach and evaluates the impacts on the young people who engaged in the arts activity and was written by Elaine Hirst and Duncan Robertshaw in 2003.

Download Breaking the Cycle of Failure here, or from the Resources section on this page.

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